7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

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long lasting makeup


How to achieve makeup look that will not smudge during the day and look fresh as you just put it through the whole day? What separates professionally done makeup from our daily makeup routine is preparation and patience, plus some products that will help you to seal the deal. Read on to prevent midday beauty meltdown.

Beauty tips for long-lasting makeup

#1 Make sure your skin is super-clean

Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, getting your vitamins, and using quality products will change completely not only how you look without makeup, but how your makeup will stay put and look good until you wash your face. Investing in your lifestyle and taking care of yourself shows its benefits in many ways you couldn’t expect.

And then, just before you put your makeup on, you should thoroughly clean and exfoliate your skin. This will remove all the dead cells, grease, anything that might stand in the way of your makeup staying put throughout the day.

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#2 Hydrate your skin, don’t moisturize

It is important that your skin is not dry when you apply your makeup. With that said, it is important to know that you need to hydrate your skin, not moisturize. So use a hydrating mask or a very light hydrating cream, instead of your regular moisturizer. This will make your face a smooth canvas for makeup. By avoiding heavy creams(even though you might have dry skin) your makeup won’t smudge during the day.

Skin prep - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

#3 Makeup artist’s secret to long-lasting foundation

How come when makeup artist applies a foundation on us, our skin looks glassy and divine and using the same foundation we don’t get the same results. Of course, those are just some craft’s tips and tricks we discovered and want to share with you. Although the foundation can be applied great only with fingers, the temperature of our fingers is also warming and greasing the foundation.

Use a flat synthetic brush for your foundation. Make sure it is clean and doesn’t have residue from the previous makeup session. If we tried hard to get a super-clean skin, we don’t want to ruin that with a dirty makeup brush, right? Want to learn how to keep your brushes perfectly clean? Read our comprehensive guide on makeup brushes.

The key to long-lasting makeup is in applying thin layers of makeup. To avoid putting too much foundation, start with a small amount from the outer areas of your face toward your t-zone. This way, you won’t ever apply too much foundation on the most prominent areas of your face. Don’t do all your face at once, apply first on one and then on the other side of the face. This way, you won’t skip any area.

Once you covered your whole face, gently tap your skin with a flat brush and you’ll achieve that perfect glassy effect.

#4 Long-lasting makeup rules for your eyes

To make sure that your eyeshadow stays put as well, apply the layer of concealer on your eyelids before the eyeshadow. This will make your eyeshadow color more intense and later it would not collect in the ridge of the eyelid. You can also prep your eyelids with a specialized primer for your eyes. But if you don’t have sensitive eyes, we found out a regular concealer does the trick. 😉

If you really want to make sure your eye makeup game is solid until the day ends(or starts!) you can choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It is true that those are difficult to remove, and you wouldn’t want to use them every day, but you will be safe on those special occasions.

Black eyeliner 1 - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

#5 Long-lasting makeup rules for your lips

You probably figured so far that prepping the area you want to makeup is the key to long-lasting makeup. The same rules apply for your lips as for your skin and eyes. Prep your lips by exfoliating and hydrating them. Use gentle lips scrub you can buy at the store, or the old school way by applying a lot of lip balm and then exfoliating with your toothbrush.

Now, your lips are ready for your favorite lipstick shade. Lipstick is easy to fix throughout the day, but if you want to use bolder colors, opt for a matte texture. Those will stay put longer than creamy lipsticks. Matte textures are a little dry, but ensures durability up to eight hours, especially after meals and drinks.

If you do not like the feeling of dryness on the lips, you can achieve longevity with ordinary lipstick also. With a pencil in the same color as the color of lipstick, draw the lips and color their entire surface. Over that apply lipstick, remove excess with the slight pressure of the Kleenex on the lips then apply another layer.

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matte lipstick - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

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Jobs Mua - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

#6 Blot and seal the deal with loose powder

Wait a few minutes for the foundation to dry, and if your skin is oily blot away the excess oil with blotting papers. The best way to fix the foundation is with a thin layer of loose or stone powder with a large loose brush. Extra dab a little more loose powder on the greasy part of the face (usually it is T-zone) and you’re set!

applying loose powder - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

#7 Last step just to make sure – fix it with a spray!

If after all these steps you feel insecure, spray the entire surface of the face with the fixation for makeup. On special occasions where you really expect to wear makeup for long hours – fix it with a spray. A quick mist of setting spray will set your makeup in place so you can relax and dance the whole night without worrying about how you look. This setting spray from MAC is our party go-to favorite, as it infused with pearlescent pearls for the ultimate glow.


spray fix makeup - 7 tips to keep your makeup last all day

What is your favorite trick for a long-lasting makeup? Let us know in the comments! Follow us on Instagram for more amazing tips!

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