How to: Pink in Makeup

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Pink Makeup

Pink Makeup is a reoccurring trend and it is again in for the season to freshen us up in the midst of summer. Favorite color by many(Karl Lagerfeld to name one)  there is no shade containing multitudes like the color pink. In Beauty, it can strike as innocent and fresh, but also bold and fierce. Depending on the saturation, pink can take on any character.  

Think you can’t rock this hue? There is a pink out there that will play up beautifully with every skin tone, you just have to know how to find it.  Read on for tips, tricks, and product picks to get every skin tone in the pink.

Fair Skin

As certain pinks enhance natural pink undertones in the skin, for lighter skin stick with light, sheer or shimmering pinks. You will want to keep it subtle enough to make a soft, feminine statement. You can also choose shades that lean to lilac or peach.

  • Add just a wash of dusty pink eyeshadow on the eyelids. Leave eyeliner and mascara out(if you can’t do it without, opt for a brown one for a more natural look).  Black and pink are a big NO,  as you easily you may have an ’80s flashback on your hands.
  • For natural-looking lips, simply add a hint of pink gloss. Pretty petal pink is the way to go for fair skin. Place the majority of the gloss in the center of your lips to make your lips appear fuller.
  • A beautiful, subtle way to incorporate sheer pink into your makeup routine is to get highlighter with a pink shimmer.  Apply it to the areas of your face that naturally catch the light. You wouldn’t believe the glow! Try this Shimmering Skin Perfector, which is a combination of cool pink and warm peach.
  • For a natural look also is great to use cream blusher. Try Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Sweet

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  • If your pink is too pink and it brings pink undertones in your skin, don’t be afraid to mix and try layering it over a warmer apricot tone.

Jobs Mua - How to: Pink in Makeup

Medium Skin Tone

These in-between types of skin tone as with most color trends can pull off almost any shade.  Nevertheless, our top picks go to the rose shades that have a bit brown or mauve in it.

kjaer weis cream blush p 250x300 - How to: Pink in Makeup

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Dark Skin

Dark skin tones are free to experiment with bold and hot pinks. This means rich, rosy fuchsia, berry, and rose gold. Sure you can wear innocent sheer pink, but why don’t go with some drama when you can. The easiest way to pull off is by wearing an intense lip color.  For eyes, if you want to go all-out use hot pink in the form of a statement liner across your top lash line, or all over your lid and smoke it out with a kohl liner like Maybelline Master Kajal.

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