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What is this about?

We are creating a list of the multiple leaderships and educational opportunities available free of cost so all you need is a laptop to learn wherever you are !

We want to challenge and encourage you to be more aware. Education doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars. Awareness of world issues will only lead to an improved life for you and your family. So, are you with us ?

Let’s do this!

Here you will find info on online educational materials, news on social issues, info on scholarships for university and startup funding.

We want to enable you to dream, and in time we hope to sponsor educational scholarships in your area too, so stay in the loop and keep checking us out.

Recommended Resources

Education is Everything

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Build your character and hangout with some great people through their written word

These books are designed to help girls focus on what really matters about being pretty: being strong, happy, and moving toward their destinies with confidence and hope in who they are becoming.

Sparkle – Kristian Kelly

Kristian Kelly is a renowned speaker, author of the successful “Fearlessly Beautiful Extraordinary Life™” book series, owner of the blog, and co-owner of, a popular travel website for women.

Pretty Girl – Sharon Alicia Amey

Sharon Alicia Amey is a successful business owner who also specializes in equipping others to fulfill their destinies. She has encouraged many of today’s youth to look beyond their circumstances and live a life filled with joy, purpose, and hope.

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Write to us and tell us why you would love to read these books, and if selected we will send you a digital version of them on Kindle !

Latest News

Why are we concerned about the education of girls in India?

In India, deep-rooted gender norms prevent households from sending girls to school – belief that girl’s earnings will only benefit her marital family discourages parents from investing in her education.

While more and more families are beginning to value girls as equals to boys, there are still overwhelming cultural and economic reasons why female children are not receiving the same medical, emotional and educational attention as their male counterparts. From the start, a girl child is seen as a burden rather than a blessing, bearer of exorbitant dowry, who will eventually move into the home of her husband. As a child; a girl receives less food, attention and emotional support than her male counterpart; as an adult, less attention is paid on developing her potential and more on matrimony and motherhood as these are regarded the essential and overarching goals of her life and all education is a preparation for that.

What can education change?

It will prevent child marriages and early pregnancies

One-fifth of Indian women still marry before the age of 15. An educated girl is less likely to be married off while still in her childhood.

Many girls are forced to marry by their families in exchange for a dowry — which is seen as a way of alleviating poverty within the family. Once married, many girls wanting to continue their education are often denied this right, due to traditional roles they are expected to play in the home, such as childbearing and cleaning.
Education is one of the most powerful tools to enable girls to avoid child marriage and fulfill their potential. And the longer a girl stays in school, the less likely she is to be married before the age of eighteen and have children during her teenage years.
It also gives girls the chance to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make informed decisions including when, and whom, they will marry.
With twelve years of quality education, girls are up to six times less likely to marry as children — compared to those who have little or no education. Estimates show that if all girls had access to secondary education, child marriage would drop by 64%.

It will provide better health and longer lives of their family

Currently, more than 50% of India’s children are malnourished.
The children of an educated mother are more likely to survive. In India, for example, the infant mortality rate of babies whose mothers have received primary education is half that of children whose mothers are illiterate.
Educated women are also better able to protect both themselves and their families against other health risks. For example, they are five times more likely than illiterate women to be educated about the risk of HIV and AIDS and know how to practice safer sex and prevent infection. Educated mothers are also more likely to vaccinate their children.

Women Empowerment

Education has a direct impact on women’s empowerment as it creates awareness about their rights, their capabilities and the choices and opportunities available to them. Studies have indicated that there is a strong correlation between female education and several developmental indicators such as increased economic productivity, improvement in health, delayed age at marriage, lower fertility, increased political participation, and effective investments in the next generation.

Tackling Climate Change

Following on from the fact that education can create more stable communities, research also suggests that girls’ education reduces a country’s vulnerability to natural disasters. As a matter of fact, education is one of the most cost-effective strategies to mitigate carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

Investing in the future

And critically, an educated girl is more than twice as likely to ensure that her children are educated. Educating a girl is something we just have to do once… So, as long as we make it happen for her, she is going to make sure that the education outcomes are achieved for her own children and for generations to come. With girls’ education and investments, we have an opportunity to close the gender and literacy gap today in the world.

How do we see the change?

We believe that all lives have equal value and that by providing girls in India education, we can help reduce inequality and poverty.
With the help of our partners, we are able to provide space and logistics for this to happen.


Here are three ways you can help

If you want to see the change happening, you can donate your time, money, supplies, or partner with us to help us organize education in India.

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If you would like to contribute to this cause, you can donate IT and school supplies, educational materials, online courses, or donate money for buying the same. Currently, we are not accepting financial donations, however, if you wish to support our vision, please contact us so we can work on a partnership.

Join us in our mission to help bring education to the girls in India. This can be a remote position or from our NYC office. We have a virtual internship on a 3-month rolling basis, apply here.

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Are you an organization that has a similar alignment with our goals? Send us info, and lets partner together so we may promote you here. If you are an on-ground nonprofit in India, and you would like to work on this cause, with us – contact us.

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