The Best Personalized Beauty Brands

by Alexandra

Who doesn’t love shopping for beauty products? There are NEVER enough beauty products in our collection. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, it seems like there is a product for any issue you could possibly have. But which one will really work for you?

Here is where these personalized brands, which by the way are trending in the beauty world right now, answer all our questions.

You must be wondering, how is this possible? These brands are creating personalized products and routines after years of scientific research, along with technology and algorithms. Basically, you take a simple quiz or send a photo, and their website analyzes data and automatically creates the perfect routine for you. How awesome is this?

So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite personalized beauty brands that you will be dying to try. And now might be the perfect time!

The Best Personalized Beauty Brands

prose – Custom Hair Care Products

A revolutionizing haircare brand with custom, made-to-order formulas, a brand made for people, not hair types.

All their products are freshly made-to-order with a blend of clean ingredients backed by groundbreaking science, resulting in a formula that couldn’t exist without you.

Question to ask: How it works?

When you take their consultation, you provide a complete view of everything that could have an impact on your hair and scalp needs.

Then, the algorithm processes your answers and uses over 85 factors to determine the unique blend of ingredients needed to treat your concerns, goals and preferences. The result will be a freshly-bottled formula just for you!

So, if you are a looking for a new hair routine, get your personalized formula here.

#MyOuai – Hair Consult

Jen Atkin had to get into this customizable trend, so the MyOUAI hair consult gives you a prescription hair-care routine that recommends the best products to achieve ultimate hair health and goals.

Answer a few questions on OUAI website and the algorithm will generate a batch of products that best suit your hair type, as well as tips on when and how to use them.

Function of Beauty – Haircare personalized

With Function of Beauty, you decide what goes into your formula (and what doesn’t) and what you get out of it. Want to be a luscious mermaid? Rock those waves. Rather play it smooth? We got you then too.

They developed a haircare quiz that covers your hair type, hair structure, scalp moisture, hair goals, color, and fragrance preferences to create products you won’t be able to stop using. Start your quiz here.

Price: Starting at $30

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Atolla – Personalized to solve your skin issue

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This is a personalized brand that aims to solve your skincare issues. All you need to do is to complete an in-depth skin analysis kit in the comfort of your home. This kit includes strips that test oil, pH, and moisture levels. 

After completing this kit, you will virtually send it to Atolla HQ via the mobile app’s instant results. A personalized serum will be developed, taking into account your preferences for fragrance and absorption.

Jobs Mua - The Best Personalized Beauty Brands

However, that’s not where the road ends: Your skin needs to re-tested monthly, with twists to the formula made as needed. Each month Atolla will adapt the formula, so it continues to change as your skin changes. Get your kit here.

Price: $30 per month

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Younique You-Ology – Skincare mixed and made by you

This brand allows you to create a custom daily skincare routine. That includes a cleanser, serum, and day and night moisturizers. With up to 40,000 possible combinations, this is skincare for nobody else. Start your skincare quiz here.

Price: Starting at $39

SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E.

This has been for a long time a go-to recommended brand by dermatologists. Their Custom D.O.S.E – Diagnostic Optimization Serum Experience – in just 10 minutes, can mix up a personalized serum formula.

You and a participating dermatologist will create a miraculous serum with tried-and-true ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol, and niacinamide.

The dermatologist will add a custom label with your name and the full ingredient list.

Get your serum here.

Beauty Pie – Luxury Makeup & Skincare Products

Having a membership to BEAUTY PIE is like having a backstage access pass to the world’s best cosmetics, skincare and fragrance labs.

Beauty Pie is the first luxury beauty product buyers club. As a member, you can shop direct and get luxury beauty without luxury prices!

Their mission is to make you feel like a kid in a cosmetics candy store. You can get your membership here.

For more inspiration, check out our favorite beauty subscription boxes.

Tell us in the comments what is YOUR favorite brand!

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