How to Wear Dark Lipstick

by Pearl

Ideal for fall months or evening events, inky, matte lip is truly having the moment this season. Wearing dark lipstick can be intimidating, far from the comfort zone of peaches and nudes. But with a little bit of know-how and some good lipstick choices, you can pull off this trend of blackened plums and bruised berries with confidence! Here are some tips and lipstick choices we found in deeper shades waters.

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Find your shade

Always start your makeup shopping with research on the right shade. Take a tissue with you to the store and swipe the tester over it, then you’ll be able to tell the undertone of the lipstick against the white background and choose the correct shade from there. So if you have light skin, you will probably find that the shades that suit you have the cool, pink, and blue undertone. While if you have darker skin/eyes deep red and brownish shades will look better on you.  You can always start with some sheerer options to become more adjusted to the look.  It is supposed to light up your complexion, and not make you look tired, and that’s how you know that is the shade for you.

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Keep your look simple

Play up only one feature at a time so keep your eyes and cheeks bare when wearing dark lips. Optionally you can pair it with bold, well-groomed eyebrows, thin eyeliner, few coats of mascara or bronzer if you think is needed, as dark lipstick can suck out the color out of your complexion.

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Prep, apply, reapply

Exfoliate your lips, apply the lip balm, leave it to dry, as flakey lips aren’t cool, especially when they are in the center of attention. These dark shades can get messy quickly so use your lip brush to apply it, wait to dry, blot it with a tissue then reapply. With a clean lip brush apply concealer around your lips to get the perfect lip line and prevent color from bleeding into your skin. You can use just a tiny bit of translucent powder to fix the lipstick more.

Wear dark lipstick with confidence

And it will look its best! After all, you have it, you are pulling a dark, sexy, vampy look. 😉

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Dolce & Gabanna Classic Cream Lipstick in Glam, $22

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Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe, $21

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