9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

by Beatrice
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Getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist is one of the easiest ways to instantly feel 10 times better for your special event.  Who doesn’t love sitting back and letting a makeup artist work their magic?

But there are a number of things that your makeup artist wishes you knew to make the whole process more enjoyable for both.

Read on and keep these 9 things in mind when you have your makeup done professionally!

1. Prep Your Skin and Lips

This one is especially important if you booked a makeup artist for your wedding day or an important event where you truly want to look your best. Treat yourself to a facial a few weeks before it, but don’t do anything you might get a reaction to. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face every day before the event so. Though makeup artists are akin to wizards, their job is much easier when they work with good skin. Keeping your face and lips moisturized will ensure smooth and even application of makeup, less creasing, and a polished finish.

2. Come With A CLEAN Face

That means no foundation, no primer, no mascara — nothing! Your MUA will provide all of these things and will want to apply them to you as part of their complete package. It also means you don’t put any face cream, as it can mess with your foundation. If your skin is too dry, a professional makeup artist has always on hand a right cream that is compatible with makeup. See our favorite cleansers!

Jobs Mua - 9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

3. Be on time

Makeup artists usually have back-to-back appointments booked and it can really throw everything out of whack if one person shows up late. If you’re going to be late, be sure to contact them as soon as possible to let them know. DON’T just skip your appointment. If you can’t make it, call your makeup artist ASAP so that they can give your appointment to someone else.

4. Visual aids are helpful

Or know what you want.  Although they will know what would look good on you, based on your hair/skin/eyes shape and colors, you know how would you want to look.  It’s not always easy to articulate ideas, so make a mood board/look list with some of your ideas, so the makeup artist is aware of your likes and tastes. Then you can work together in creating your perfect look. So look in the magazines, create Pinterest boards, or better yet if your makeup artist has previous work displayed online – that would be your best source.

Making a mood board or look list is a fantastic way to clearly communicate with your MUA about your expectations. You can email your MUA a link to your board in advance so she/he has time to prepare, and so you can start a conversation about your goals long before the day of.

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5. Be realistic

Keep in mind that makeup is meant to enhance your looks, not change them. Even with contouring and airbrushing, you will still look like you and in the end why would you want to change that? Have an open conversation about what is possible and what not and if she says something won’t work out, trust her.

6. Silence Is Golden

After you discuss and agree on makeup look, then while your MUA applies lipstick, and other delicate details like eyeliner and mascara, take a verbal break. Your MUA is doing their best to create clean, crisp lines, and nothing is more difficult than applying makeup to a moving face. Although they are used to it, you are working towards the same goal so you would want to make them easier. If you want to say something, politely ask for a break.

7. But Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

The last thing either of you want is to walk away with regret, and the only way to prevent that is clear communication. Your makeup artist takes a great deal of pride in creating a look that makes you look and feel your very best, so know that they are open to feedback from you as they work!  If there is any part of your look that you’re unhappy with, let her/him know.

8. Don’t touch their makeup tools and products

Although sounds logical, we totally get it – they have amazing makeup kits with so many products that you were window-shopping for a while.  Picking the products up and potentially even opening them up is a big NO. This isn’t just because these products are expensive (and they are!), they also don’t know if you have clean hands. As tempting as it is to admire and touch their collection of makeup goodies, you must sit on this because it is really important that those be kept clean for other clients.

9. And On A Final Note: Tipping

Like any service professional, your MUA will most certainly accept and appreciate a tip, although it isn’t entirely expected.  If you’re pleased with the service you’ve received, and you feel a tip is in order, your MUA will be honored. But, if the service was above and beyond your budget but  —you want to show your gratitude, recommend them to your friends and family. Your referral keeps them in business and is one of the very best (and most sincere) thank you’s you can extend.

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