Accessorize: Shine like a Star

by Beatrice

How to look stylish every day, make simple clothes look fashionable, and look effortlessly chic? Read this comprehensive guide on accessories and how to combine them with style. Accessorize and make any outfit SHINE.


Accessorize like a PRO

The most stylish girls have always known the Art Of Accessorizing, and that good design is always in the detail.

Confidence comes from focusing on your strengths. When you want to look your best, it’s smart to emphasize your best features. Whether that includes your slender legs or your piercing green eyes. Here are some tips to accessorize like a pro! Knowing these few basic style rules can make a big difference in your overall look, enhance your outfit and highlight your best features. Of course, there is always an exception to every rule, especially when it comes to fashion. But for starters, we will provide you some guidelines and inspiration that you can later expand on.

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Assess your outfit

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before accessorizing.

  • What colors am I wearing in my outfit and how many of them?

Women often make a mistake of choosing the accessories of the same color as the outfit and this makes the outfit look dull. You should pick an accessory that will make a contrast to your outfit and accentuate the colors in it.

  • Does my outfit have patterns, prints or is it a solid color?

If the outfit you chose has busy patterns or prints, you should tone down your accessories. Consider using a solid color bag, subtle earrings or neutral makeup. And vice versa. If your garment is all black or one color to two colors, spice it up with an animal print scarf, bag or statement sunglasses. An important thing to have in mind is that you want your accessories to complement your outfit.

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  • Does my outfit already have statement details?

Do you have a long-neck lace dress? Then you don’t need a necklace but opt for statement earrings instead. Remember, accessories should never compete with the garment.

  • Consider where you’re going. Is it casual, semi-casual or evening event?

Choose your accessories according to the event you are attending. The later the event, you can wear darker colors, chunkier jewelry and go for an edgier look. Keep it bright and simple during the day.

Less is more.

Even though they are essential, accessories should be the last thing you pick up for your outfit. First, you should have the base of your clothing ready and good to go. And the last thing you will do is pull off all your accessories. It is because you want them to enhance your look rather than compete with your look, or overwhelm it. There is a fine line of too many accessories. When it comes to accessorizing, less is more. Therefore, before you go out, always give yourself the once over and see what doesn’t belong.

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Quite possibly, removing only one small accessory can elevate your look.

Be age-appropriate

Know this: You are beautiful at any age. But it is important to know what fits your personality as well as your age. If you are over twenty, hello kitty themed jewelry might not be the best style choice. Also, wearing a conservative piece of jewelry can age a young woman. Bear this in mind when choosing your accessories.

Now you can move to the fun part! There are a lot of choices when it comes to accessories! Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, glasses, shoes, or hats. Let’s go over a few…

Accessorize: Style Tips and Must-Haves

#1 Show off your legs with nude heels

When your lean, gazelle-like legs are your strong suit, make them the center of attention. When it’s warm out, go for skirts and dresses above the knee and nude heels. These shoes are super flattering and look great in the summer, which is why you see so many celebrities wearing them. And essentially you can pair them with any outfit as they are color of your skin tone.

#2 Make your eye color pop with jewels

Go for jewelry that will emphasize your eye color and bring them to the center stage. If you’re going for a soft, classic look, then pearls can provide a pleasant contrast with brown eyes. For green eyes, grays and silvers will give you that elegant look that will upgrade your look. And when it comes to baby blues, you don’t want to overpower them. Delicate gold earrings will look flattering but soft enough to make your eyes the star.


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#3 Use lipstick as an accessory

Accentuate your lips with color and shape. Applying a shimmery highlighter to your cupid’s bow will make it pop. You can also emphasize your lips by carefully using lipstick to refine the shape, whether you want your lips to look fuller, poutier, or just want to try something new.

Use bright red or pink lipstick to add a pop to your neutral look, and add brightness and playfulness to your day look.

Dark lipstick colors like oxblood will make you turn heads, while classic red with a chic cat-eye is always in style. MAC is renowned for its wide selection of long-lasting, statement hues.

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#4 Emphasize your shape with belts tied at your natural waist

Want to emphasize your shape and waist? Go for a belt flatteringly placed at your natural waist. If you’re going for leather, steer toward super-thin belts in blacks and browns over a skirt or loose-fitting dress to give your look more definition. Or even over your blazer or a raincoat. Use proper proportions as well. If you are a tall and curvy girl, a thin belt will only make you look bigger. At the same time, if you are a petite woman, big and chunky belts can overwhelm your look.

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#5 Add a choker to flatter a long neck

Trends always come back. So, welcome back the ultimate 90s trend – choker necklace. The good thing about trends coming back is that they come back reinvented and in various styles. Wear edgy chokers to add spunk and sass to your outfit, or rock velvet style for a classic and romantic look. For a unique, bohemian look, opt for the crocheted choker.

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#6 Mix up your scarf-tying game

The most versatile accessory in the world is, without a doubt, his majesty – scarf. They add chic and flair to our outfits, and often they carry sentimental value to us. However, it’s always one or two ways we tie them and we should change that! Master new tying techniques with this tutorial and amp up your street style game in no time!

#7 Don’t be afraid to mix metals

Accessorizing has come a long way since matchy-match details were the first rule of fashion. Pick your favorite metal and make that your base. Then introduce a few contrasting pieces to master mixing in an effortless way. Combine silver, yellow gold, rose-gold and create an eye-catching look. If you don’t feel like pairing silver bracelet with gold earrings, unite different metals in one piece of jewelry, like on this beautiful necklace from Etsy below.

mix metals - Accessorize: Shine like a Star

#8 Don’t forget sunglasses!

If you feel your outfit is missing something but you’re not sure what – it’s sunglasses. We don’t try them when we are in front of the mirror, but it may be that’s just what your outfit needs for a little bit of extra oomph! They give any look an edge and a more pulled-together feel. Additionally, quality sunglasses can make your outfit appear more expensive than it really is. As a bonus, they’ll cover any dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines you don’t want to show. Use this guide to measure your face and figure out what styles would be best for your shape.

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#9 Rock multiple rings

Stacking multiple rings on one hand or even one finger is a trend that doesn’t go away. It’s simple and statement-worthy. You can create contrast by stacking thick and sleek, minimal rings. Or maybe slightly different widths or from different metals. Variations are endless and it’s on you to play and arrange them however you like. There are no hard and specific rules when it comes to this style trend.

#10 Brooches and Pendants

While brooches and pendants may summon an image of your grandma, when worn properly, they can add the perfect touch to your favorite outfit. Whether you go for the vintage look, with a profile brooch to match your favorite dress, or you have a sparkly flashy piece attached to your scarf, you won’t go wrong with adding a little pop. If you want to have a slightly less formal look, try attaching a variety of pendants to a jean jacket and wearing what you love for the whole world to see.

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#11 Bandanas, Head-scarves, Turbans

Another way to use your elegant scarves! There’s nothing like a cool hair scarf to cover up a bad hair day and not just that but look exceptionally chic with it. Use head wraps to for days on the beach, pool, cocktail parties and you always be remembered as a stylish and fashionable girl.

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#12 Tie your hair with a ribbon

These romantic accents found a place in hair accessories as well. You can tie a soft satin ribbon or bowtie to your ponytail for a  quick and elegant look on both rumpled updos or on a sleek ponytail. They are not for little girls anymore, but they add just the right amount of youthfulness to any hairstyle. There is something inherently Parisian about wearing a pretty ribbon in your hair, won’t you agree?

# 13 Reveal your inner Bohemian Princess

In our yang-driven world, it’s easy to neglect our softer side. Embrace your feminine and more delicate side with bohemian-inspired accessories. This beautiful feather earrings from Etera Jewelry are a fine example of how you can incorporate both wild and gentle touch to your everyday look.

#13 Accessorize your accessory – Scarf Handbags

Add a chic feel to your classic handbag with a silk scarf. Tie small, square printed silk or cotton scarf casually to the strap of your favorite carryall. Tying a scarf on a handbag is a creative and simple way to up your accessory game without having to go out and buy something new.  Smart, right?

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#14 Confidence is key

Confidence is all you need for a stylish outfit. No matter how many expensive (or inexpensive) clothes, shoes, and accessories you have, the only way to make them radiate with chic style is by maintaining your confidence

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If you want to upgrade your look, bring the drama to your favorite features. You’ll feel more confident, and all eyes will be on you. Regardless of your particular style, there are accessories out there to match every kind of look, so it’s just a matter of finding the ones that will work for you. And you can find incredible accessories at any budget, so it’s a great way to stretch your wardrobe and save money. Don’t be afraid to accessorize and try something new you wouldn’t normally wear. One of the best parts of fashion is making it your own.

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