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6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

by Alexandra

Fashion trends have always come and gone. There have been memorable fashion moments in the past- Madonna’s Gaultier cone bra on her tour, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake matching double denim outfits for a red carpet event, and Carrie Bradshaw’s icon styles on the popular series Sex And The City. Many of the 80s and 90s trends that were long gone are now making a comeback in all their glory. From mom jeans to dungarees – here’s a list of forgotten fashion trends that are being embraced by people all over the world:

1. Mom Jeans

Casual and cool- mom jeans are definitely back in. Despite being the butt of many jokes in the past few years, the jeans are here to stay.
These jeans are high-waisted and loose on the legs. Mom jeans are not only more comfortable than your regular skinny jeans, but they are also being made popular by our favorite models and pop stars.
People have rediscovered and adapted these jeans to their liking, which makes them even more fresh and unique. Moreover, most of our favorite brands- from Levi’s to Forever 21- have embraced the comeback of these jeans with open arms, and have come up with their own designs and variations.

2. Flannel Shirts

The best part about flannel shirts is their versatility, and how they can be paired with absolutely anything. Flannel shirts are snug and can keep you warm when there is a light breeze blowing. At the same time, they are fashionable – which is what makes them popular amongst people of all ages.
Flannel shirts can be worn with shorts as well as trousers, and they are even worn as dresses with a belt around the waist. While in the 90s, flannel shirts were more popular among men, nowadays both men and women can pull them off.

Jobs Stylist - 6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

3. Chokers

Chokers are necklaces that fit around your neck, and even make the most boring of getups look fashionable. While chokers never really went out of style, they were usually worn during fancy occasions for most of the early 2000s. It is only recently that the casual and chic form of chokers has made a comeback.
From lace to plastic to pearls- there is a choker out there for every occasion and outfit. Like every other fashion trend of the 21st century, the main people responsible for the popularity of chokers are the Instagram models. So much is the popularity of this accessory today that brands such as H&M have an entire section dedicated only to chokers.

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choker 1024x665 - 6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

4. Floral Prints

From dresses to boots- floral prints have become a popular trend amongst girls everywhere. While initially floral prints were more prevalent in summery dresses, tops, and skirts, they can now be seen on jackets and coats in like manner.
A floral printed scarf is enough to make your plain and boring outfit more interesting and vibrant. There can be no wrong occasion for wearing floral prints. On one hand, we’ve seen girls wearing them to school every day. On the other hand, our favorite celebrities have sported the look at red carpet events.

floral - 6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

5. Neon Colors

If there’s anything that we’ve learned from the past- it’s that too much of neon is just a big fat no. However, in the right amounts, neon colors can be rather fashionable.  However, what we must take care of is that this is one fashion trend which is not suitable for every occasion.
Not only have neon clothes and accessories made a comeback. The 21st century has also seen the growing popularity of neon makeup. While we are still undecided on how we feel about the crazy neon lipstick shades, that hasn’t stopped thousands of beauty bloggers from embracing this trend.

6. Dungarees

dungarees 683x1024 - 6 Forgotten Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

Back in the day, dungarees and overalls were considered work clothes. Today, they’re back in a completely new and sexy way. In addition, dungarees are cool and convenient and can be worn to parties, as well as casually. Dungarees can be paired with almost anything from crop tops to shirts. Again, the best part is that they are so widely available that you are bound to find a pair which fits your liking and your budget.
You can also find people sporting corsets as a garment, high rise socks, and bright scrunchies. We live in a day and age when social media celebrities like Kylie Jenner have the potential to start a completely unheard of the trend just by posting a few pictures on Instagram. Therefore, it’s not surprising that new fashion trends- however desirable or undesirable- are coming up every day.

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