A Vintage Valentine

by Sophie

Valentine’s Day is all about looking and feeling beautiful. This means stepping out of the house and doing anything from a fancy dinner with your special someone, to a night out with your girlfriends. We’re here to help you shake up your every day look with some vintage vibes that will combine retro and romantic. These throwback looks are sure to inspire you, even if you’re not the biggest Valentine’s Day enthusiast!

Keep scrolling below for our vintage hairstyles and makeup ideas designed for Valentine’s Day.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Hairstyles Ideas

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First off, let’s start with the crowning glory: Hairstyles ideas that will surely make your special one fall head over heels all over again! This year, lets bring some vintage favorites back. The 1940s and 50s were a super influential time for classic hairstyles that we still incorporate today. Whether you rock short or long hair, any length can be styled in these vintage looks!

1. Romantic Vintage Waves

Romantic waves are always considered one of the most chic ways to style hair. Also, you can go beyond this and create a deep side part and let your locks flow down the other side of the shoulder. This will completely transform your look!

Depositphotos 200422230 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

For example, look how gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is with this hairstyle!

Jobs Hair - A Vintage Valentine

2. Vintage Bob With Sculptural Accents

This is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles! Asymmetrical curls that frame the face and simple buns, highlighted by elegant waves. 

Depositphotos 36297103 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

3. Vintage Lauren Bacall Hairstyle

Lauren Bacall with her perfectly coiffed, face-framing waves! She became known for teaching Humphrey Bogart how to whistle and inspired women everywhere to get those shiny, bouncy curls.

4. The Veronica Lake Hairstyle

Silver screen star, Veronica Lake was known in the 1940s for her long hair and loose curls. Her iconic choice to favor long hair inspired many girls to keep their hair long instead of chopping it off during the 40s.

Veronica Lake This Gun For Hire 350x453 long hair - A Vintage Valentine

5. The Vintage Twirl Or Swirl

Long, lovely curls are always in style. To get a vintage Valentine look, part hair with a sweep, securing a half with bobby pins. In addition, dark or light, spiralled or rolled, wavy hair is very lovely for any occasion and truly never goes out of style!

Depositphotos 74139929 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

6. Victory Rolls

Victorian Rolls were a popular hairstyle in the 1940’s and we promise this hairstyle is easier than it looks. To begin with this classic hairstyle you will only need hairspray, bobby pins, and your curling techniques. A special technique for achieving this is to roll the sides around two fingers and pin them in place. Isn’t that easy for a glamorous and definitely timeless hairstyle? However, if you need extra help, check out Cherry Dollface’s tutorial here.

Depositphotos 16690237 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

It’s not vintage if you don’t accessorize it with a bow!

Depositphotos 43666569 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

 7. Bun With Jeweled Pins

The sleek finish of the silver pieces twisted and braided into a low bun is irresistible! The jeweled clips are a delicate compliment to the updo and some added bling!

Depositphotos 12801818 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

8. Bouffant 1950s Hairstyle

Developed around 1957, the bouffant hairstyle became a staple for women’s hair. The key difference for this style versus the other vintage looks we listed, is that this look is made by brushing your hair backward instead of around the face.

1958 hairstyle angie dickinson bouf hair 500x644 - A Vintage Valentine

9. Marcel Waves

Finger waves and marcel waves were a key hairstyle in the 1920s and 1930s. These waves are not an easy style to master, but if you have the luxury of going to a salon to help with this look, the results could be amazing! If you are attempting this hairstyle at home, this in-depth tutorial by LBCC Historical will walk you through a step-by-step process to creating these classic waves.

nicole richie wi march 13 - A Vintage Valentine

10. Medium copper curls with flowers

9 curly bridal half updo for long hair 841x1024 - A Vintage Valentine

Make sure you play around with accessories. These baby’s breath flowers set off the gorgeous copper locks miraculously! If you have long hair, these long bouncy curls will come alive. A very textured (but not messy) wave like this will suit you perfectly if you have highlights. Equip yourself with the hairspray, patience and curling wand and perfect this elegant and romantic look.

11. The Fishtail Braid

A more modern approach to a vintage hair look for those with long hair, is the fishtail braid. In addition, curled hair and a loose fishbone braid is a romantic hairstyle that will look effortless in the best possible way.

82120272 180543039719558 2594883454341676109 n 240x300 - A Vintage Valentine

12. Parisian Hairstyles

1513604652 lilyjamesfringe 819x1024 - A Vintage Valentine

We all love that Parisian style! French women are almost synonymous with “style”. In other words, they are the symbol of grace and sophistication. From the way they walk and carry themselves, to the way they do their hair and makeup. 

Recreating French hairstyles is one of the easiest ways to channel your inner Coco Chanel, so get ready to look tres chic for Valentine’s Day!


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Bonus Hairstyle Tips & Tricks

The unspoken rule of haircare for vintage looks, is to keep hair clean and shiny. Back in the 40s and 50s, haircare was a time-consuming task. Women would massage their scalp and brush their hair twice a day, and went for haircuts weekly or as often as they could afford. We may not have time for such an intense task now, but we can take this notion and apply it to styling our vintage look.

It is essential to wash your hair before styling any of these vintage looks and ensuring the proper shampoos and conditioners are used. Even if you are busy, and you don’t have much time to devote to the hair care, you will find that many of these tips include how you do something you are already doing, rather than adding more steps to your hair care routine.

Dyed hair is very needy. Therefore it needs some more than extra nurture. For example, if you rock bold and funky hair colors but worry about your color fading, these five tricks will help you take good care of your hair health and shine and make your money worth it.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

GettyImages 3141800 1024x754 - A Vintage Valentine

Even though red lipstick is the STAR of Valentine’s Day, there’s so much more to this makeup look than red lips! We love red lipstick, don’t get us wrong, but it’s time to add a little something to that V-Day look! For instance, what about rose-pink shades and vintage makeup ideas?

Don’t worry makeup newbies, these beautiful looks are actually super easy to recreate at home, with the products every woman should own. For some unforgettable Valentine’s Day makeup ideas, check out these vintage beauty looks we’ve found below as inspiration.

1. Red Lipstick – A classic Valentine’s Day makeup staple

This special day is practically synonymous with red lipstick! This rich hue gives your pout a sultry and sexy look that couldn’t be more on-trend for Valentine’s Day. Let your lips do the talking with the help of the Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance Lipstick in Obsessed! . Matte lipstick not only goes the distance, but it also will prevent your pout from smudging or feathering for a picture-perfect finish. 

Red lips 200x300 - A Vintage Valentine
s1983964 main zoom 1504645756 300x300 - A Vintage Valentine

We love red lipstick, but don’t get us wrong, it’s time to add a little something to that V-Day look! All you need is one swipe of this insanely bold shade by Fenty Beauty (means, Rihanna approves) to suddenly feel like you’re the kind of person who could wear bold, pink lipstick every day.

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2. Pink Eyeshadow

Pink makeup may seem like an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, but this day actually is a perfect excuse to play with unusual color choices. Additionally, pink eyeshadow will provide a playful but sophisticated, soft and romantic look. Blend it with a little bit of gold eyeshadow on the center of your eyelids and brown eyeshadow at the outer edges like on the image below. Don’t forget a little bit of crayon in black or brown and mascara, and to do your eyebrows. That way you won’t create a washed-out look.

In addition, the secret to getting pink eyeshadow to look soft, delicate and natural against your skin tone is to choose a shade that matches your undertone. If your skin has warm yellow or olive undertones with veins that appear a little greener, then opt for a warmer peachy pink shade. However, if your skin is cool-toned, with pinky or beige hues, a neutral or cool pink will look soft and delicate instead.

The super-power of amazing eye makeup is nothing new. Finally, don’t worry about how to get your browslashes, and liner just right. You’ve got it all covered!

portrait of young beautiful woman with stylish PZC6DLP 200x300 - A Vintage Valentine
61MMRGgDX0L. SL1000  300x290 - A Vintage Valentine


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3. Glossy lips

In addition to lipstick, glossy lips brings us a 90’s nostalgia, and this vintage touch can never go wrong on your perfect date. Lip gloss today no longer has that thick consistency we remember before, it will only give you a fuller and more luscious looking lips that will complete your makeup look!

Depositphotos 38854063 s 2019 - A Vintage Valentine

 4. Powdered Rouge Blush

The ideal powdered blush to complete your vintage look, is one that adds a glow to the skin. 1950s blush was all about finishing off your look, not to have a painted face. Adding this blush to your cheekbones and brushing upwards to the temple will give you an overall lift. As a result, remember to not overdo it on the blush though for your vintage look!

GettyImages 470373121 1 1 805x1024 - A Vintage Valentine

5. Well Defined Eyebrows

We may associate well defined eyebrows with today’s makeup trends, but a full eyebrow was all the rage in the 1950s! Instead of the bushy full brow look we tend to go for now, try to pencil your brows in with a skinnier shape, like in the photos below.

1950s makeup eyes eyebrows 900x748 1 - A Vintage Valentine

6. Winged Liner

The long thin winged eyeliner is a popular makeup staple today, but it’s popularity began in the late 1940s. For this look, winged liner starts in the middle of the eye and extends outward with a flick. Above all, the trick is to keep the liner thin. In the 40s and 50s specifically, black eyeliner was meant for dark haired ladies, where as brown liner was meant for those with lighter hair.

1957 eye wing makeup - A Vintage Valentine

Vintage Beauty Products We Love!

Generally, these beauty tips will start you off with achieving your vintage look. Meanwhile, to get you started on some essential beauty products for your vintage look, we’ve dug back in the archives. All the way back, to 1925!

Below are some of our top must-have products to achieve your vintage inspired look:

Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick

Revlon Fire Ice Lipstick - A Vintage Valentine
Originally launched in 1952, this lipstick remains a favorite amongst fans

Yardley Lily of the Valley Eau De Toilette

Yardley Lily Valley Eau De Toilette - A Vintage Valentine
A timeless classic retailing for only $20!

Max Factor Pan Stik

mf - A Vintage Valentine
Launched in 1947, this creamy foundation can be used all over your face!

Vitapointe Leave-In Conditioner

Vitapointe Leave Conditioner - A Vintage Valentine
This conditioner will have your locks looking sleek and shiny. All for under $10!

Airspun Face Powder

71le2ZYj97L. SL1250  909x1024 - A Vintage Valentine
By 1925, 36 million women worldwide used Coty face powders. It retails now for $6!

Bonus Makeup Tips & Tricks

First off, vintage makeup is about subtlety with pops of color. Eyeshadow was minimal and contouring wasn’t a technique used back then. Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re creating your vintage look! For example, for daywear, matching eyeshadow to outfits was common. Meanwhile, for the evening, darker eyes were more elegant. In other words, eyeliner, lipstick, face powder and blush were the staples found in every woman’s makeup bag in the 50s.

Secondly, here is a list of exactly what you’ll need to do your vintage makeup:

  • Face Powder (One shade darker than skin tone)
  • Rouge Blush
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
GettyImages 3378179 1024x745 - A Vintage Valentine

We’re Bringing Vintage Back!

Vintage fashion will never go out of style! Get inspired by the fashions of the past and shop for a wardrobe that fits your personality. Furthermore, remember that hair and makeup are key components to your vintage look, but don’t forget about that vintage Valentine’s Day outfit to complete your look!

Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Lastly, we’ll leave you with more vintage inspiration:

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