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Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try Immediately

by Alexandra

Nail trends evolve just like fashion, makeup and hairstyle trends do every year. Nail polish colors, nail shapes and nail art, all will change in the new decade. While some of the nail styles are fit for DIYers, for others you may want to consider a nail salon.

First, you should to take good care of your nails and follow these tips & tricks for strong nails and fast growth. And if you are a DIYer, here are is how you can give yourself a perfect home manicure! So, what should you ask at your next appointment? These are the nail trends you’ll be dying to try this year!

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Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2020

Color of the Year – Classic Blue

Pantone’s Color of the Year is going to make your next manicure choice so easy. Pantone described as “a timeless and enduring blue hue, timeless in its simplicity.” Your shade of blue can be soothing, sultry, mysterious, dreamy, or any of those combined.

Baby Boomer Nails

Not sure what baby boomer nails are? They are also called “French Fade” and they are a twist on the classic French tips. Baby boomer nails have the same white tips as a French manicure but with a more gradual fade from pink to white.

If you want a bolder look, add a bit of glitter for a sparkly twist!

Or just play with the colors!

French Manicure is officially back!

This year French is being reinvented in different ways. French manicure will have delicate lines placed at the top and bottom of the nail to mirror one another.

Tonal Ombré Nail Trends

Tonal ombre nails were everywhere last year, and that trend will continue this year, especially with shades from the same color family. Pick your favorite colors and don’t be afraid to try it for yourself. This is our favorite design and you can wear it all year long!

Return of the Matte Nails

Matte nails should absolutely be on your mind for your next trip to the salon. They are trendy and sleek, sophisticated and a more subtle option for professional babes. Choose your favorite color and ask for a matte topcoat for an elegant nail design!

Red Nails Love

Just as red lipstick, red nails are a classic beauty choice. The symbolic power of red is undeniable. Love, power, danger!

We have a hot red shade every year, and 2020 is no exception. Cherry red is the “star color,” this year, and a highly requested shade in all nail salons. Also, this is the perfect DIY color. All you need is an excellent red polish and the patience to let them dry all the way. Here are our recommendations:

Jobs Nail Artist - Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Neutral Nail Trends

Elegant neutral shades will never go out of style. We all know that less is more. You don’t always need bold and bright nail polish to make a statement. Sometimes the lightest of colors can make the best and biggest impressions. 

You should know that “neutral” doesn’t mean all beige. Neutral colors go with a variety of outfits, no matter the season and will also accentuate your skin tone. This means you should take your skin color into account before choosing to paint your nails. 

Celestial Cat Eye Magnetic Nails

Cat-eye nails are taking over Instagram. There are 3D, 5D and 9D Magnetic Cat Eye Nails. This amazing trend involves a metallic polish running through the centre of the nail, creating an effect that resembles a cat’s eye. If you’re baffled by this trend, we don’t blame you. Re-creating the look requires some unique nail tools.

First, apply the basecoat and paint your nails preferably with a black color as a”background” for a WOW effect. Next, you’ll need a special nail polish designed for this trend that contains a lot of metallic pigments to paint over your base colour. The key to getting that cat eyes effect is moving the metallic pigments on your nail bed in your desired direction using a small nail stick magnet. Depending on how you point the magnet, the shape of the metallic polish will change.

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_multicolornails_ – Instagram
3D Magnetic Cat Eye Nails

If you want to recreate this look at home here are some of the best products on the market. If this look seems difficult you can always get this at any nail salon that has Cat Eye Nail Polish available. Keep in mind that if you want to use these products at home you will need a UV/LED Lamp.

This trend goes beyond the 3D effect and some nail polish brands launched 5D and 9D Chameleon Cat Eye Collections. These have a bolder Cat Eye effect and your nails will look absolutely AMAZING!

This is the 5D Chameleon Cat Eye Effect.

And last but not least….THE AMAZING 9D Cameleon Cat Eye Effect.

So, would you like to get a cool design like this? Which is your favorite nail trend? Follow us on Pinterest and let us know in the comments!


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