Sustainable Fashion Brands: The Future of the Industry

by Veronica

The revolution of sustainable fashion textiles and eco brands is rising. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Overproduction contributes to millions of tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Not to mention it’s wasting a vast amount of our planet’s water resources.

Luckily people are getting more conscious about their shopping habits and trying their best. We can’t be perfect, and we do live in a capitalistic society where it’s hard to avoid fast fashion and unethical fashion. The start should be from within the industry. It’s important to look closely for the sustainable fashion brands out there. 

If you want to be part of the industry and make an impact click here about the steps you should take to become a fashion stylist. Here are some ways the fashion industry is reinventing itself. 

Fashion Fab Lab Creations

While in the past, the majority of the creative process in fashion was all about the catwalk, the focus is shifting. The production methods used by the labs are becoming better than they ever have been before. Esteemed designers such as Stella McCartney have stated that the hottest aspect of today’s fashion industry is the technology that has been brought into it.

Sustainable Garment Technology

According to, the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel is already developing technology that makes it possible to separate polyester and cotton. This way both materials can be reused. When the procedure is performed, the polyester retains its original quality. When the technology that allows for this has been perfected it will be shared with major fashion brands throughout the world.

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Durable and Eco-Friendly Fashion

No matter what an individual’s budget is, it is possible to purchase eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brands, and still look good. The good news is that those who do so will be able to get away with having a smaller wardrobe than they would otherwise. The key is to look for clothing made of sustainable textiles. Eco-fashion is easy to achieve as long as one knows how. Clothes made with linen, hemp and bamboo are all sustainable but still fashionable at the same time. Unbleached fabric is one of the best bases for eco-friendly clothing because everything remains intact. With all that said here are some things we can do as individuals to be part of the sustainable fashion revolution.

Be mindful with your fashion consumption51qK5fjqDvL. AC UX385  - Sustainable Fashion Brands: The Future of the Industry

Create lists of items you need for each season and try to stick to them. You don’t need 15 pairs of fast fashion light-washed jeans. Yes, they seem cheap but at the end of the day you will be repurchasing these low-quality jeans every season and you will spend quite an amount of money without realizing it. Brands like Levi’s are making a strong commitment to sustainable denim production, including significantly reducing water use. A straight-leg pair of jeans will last you forever and it’s a wardrobe staple.


Organic Cotton all the way

71o5IxvAK6L. AC UY879  - Sustainable Fashion Brands: The Future of the IndustryApart from being made of environmentally friendly material, the production of organic cotton products is not using standard harmful substances such as formaldehyde (as standard, the products are treated with it to give softness and shine to the product).  These benefits, as well as the fact that they do not cause skin reactions, make organic cotton products especially preferred for babies. For them, the variety of clothes and toys is the greatest. One of our favorite brands for basic capsule wardrobe at the moment is Fair Indigo



Wash Your Clothes Less 

Your clothes don’t need as much washing as you think. It’s wasteful of precious resources, but it’s also quite pricey and costly in other ways. There’s tons of detergent involved, utility costs, time and energy, as well as ruining your clothes. You can hand them to dry breath, spot treat, create a routine for washing, and maybe most importantly choose your fabrics carefully. Good quality, natural fabrics won’t have as bad of an odor. When it comes to workout clothing they should reduce sweat and smell. Therefore the fabric must be breathable.  Stava is one of the best affordable options out there. 

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Fewer fashion garments more timeless accessories

With the help of good accessories, you can always overdress or underdress your basics depending on the occasion. You don’t need an enormous wardrobe. You can trick people into thinking it is. Novica‘s rings are a great example of elevating your look with just a piece of jewelry. Let’s not forget about the perfect white trainer by Veja. The brand is using fair trade and organic raw materials.

Thrift your favorite fashion brandsPurple and Peach Photo Freelance Writer Portfolio Website 1 1024x493 - Sustainable Fashion Brands: The Future of the Industry

We know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but thrifting is becoming more and more popular even among influencers. Each second-hand purchase saves up to 85% of carbon dioxide and water resources needed for its production. 

To sum it all up the fashion industry is moving forward with finding ways to preserve the world’s natural resources without sacrificing style to do it. As Kiwi Energy points out, up to 10% of landfills are filled with clothing that takes several decades to decompose, so this couldn’t come at a better time. These advances in technology are sure to make a difference. From a consumer, standpoint let’s not forget that being careful and make responsible clothing choices.

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