Favorite Spanish Fashion Bloggers And Their Spring Outfits

by Pearl
Spanish Fashion Bloggers

If you think Madrid or Barcelona are not fashion capitals, like Paris or Milano, think again… Or better yet, take a look at Spanish fashion bloggers who inspired many of our spring and summer outfits.

Set between beautiful architecture and much-needed sun and sea, they know how to style their way to summer. Think summer dresses, crop tops, off-the-shoulder shirts, hats, and scarfs, flowers, and embroidery ruffles and intricate jewelry.

We’ve picked some of our favorite Spanish fashion bloggers and some of the outfits we would like to try on, but be sure check their channels for your own picks.

Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo

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If you thought suits are boring, let Teresa show you how to! With a double belt clip, shorts, and this screaming clutch - you are on your way to easily transform the old into something new and exciting.

If you were wondering how to pull off bell sleeves, and off the shoulder white shirts, this may be your thing. The high waisted, bold-printed leather skirt will surely leave everyone amazed by your styling choices.

Gala Gonzalez


Is not yet 5 de mayo but it's always time for Fiesta 🎉

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Cheerful and casual Gala Gonzalez will show you how to rock casual, sporty, but feminine and elegant. Now living in America, but close to her roots, you can see the Spanish influence in her wardrobe. If you love to be comfortable in what you wear, follow her - right now.


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Collage Vintage

If you are up for a touch of vintage, Sara behind Collage Vintage got you covered. Beautiful imagery from all around the world will tell you her style story and without a doubt inspire yours. We can get enough of details on her outfits!

Jobs Stylist - Favorite Spanish Fashion Bloggers And Their Spring Outfits

Lovely Pepa

Alexandra Pereira is an internet sensation in Spain, and that's for a reason. Her images have feel-good vibe and share nothing but a We love her love for simple hats and are in love with her oh-so-Spanish bag(see the image below)


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What is your favorite fashion blogger from your country? Follow us on Instagram and let us know, we would love to feature styles from around the world!

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Featured image: Collage Vintage(left) and Lovely Pepa(right)

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