How to Become a Fashion Stylist

by Alexandra

As a fashion stylist in such a big and competitive fashion industry, you should not get caught up in thinking that it too competitive. It’s an industry full of innovation and many exciting opportunities!

There are so many new opportunities for you! Things are moving fast, so now it’s the time to bring your own style to the world.

Listen to your own voice and take the first step. Creative careers have never been so rewarded with opportunities and well-paying jobs!

But first, there are a few things you should know. Read on.

Know What Type of a Stylist You Want to Be

You Could Be a Fashion Or Wardrobe Stylist

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Wardrobe stylists are hired by a production company for magazine features, music videos, tv advertisements or fashion shows. In this job, you could be styling either a model or a celebrity.

As a fashion stylist, you may be employed full time by a magazine as a fashion editor. You could also work as a freelance fashion stylist hired by a production team for a particular shoot.

So, if you enjoy being creative and putting together eccentric styles, this would be the perfect job for you!

Work in TV Or Film As a Costume Designer

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A costume designer for tv, film, plays and concerts is an exciting but hectic role. It’s your responsibility to research the background of the costumes.

If you are the stylist for a period movie, you have to know the cultural context of that time. You need to familiarize yourself with how the people of that time felt wearing those clothes.

You’ll also need to know when certain fabrics and garments were invented. This is a full-on role that requires extreme attention to detail and intensive researching.

Have a read through this incredibly detailed paper by an Iowa State University graduate on “The Historical Accuracy in Costume Design” to get a sense of the research behind the role.

So, if your goal is to be Jacqueline Durran the costume designer for “Little Women,” then you need to start your research today!

Be Someone’s Personal Shopper

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Personal shoppers can work as freelancers or be hired by stores, clothing brands, retail companies, celebrities, public figures or working professionals to shop on their behalf.

As a personal shopper, high profile people who can’t always go on their own into stores will rely on you to do that for them.

Also, you need to be able to listen to your client and know what they would pick out when they are not with you in the store.

Personal shoppers sell certain styles to their clients and introduce them to a new collection that they can incorporate into their wardrobe.

If you’re leaning towards becoming a personal shopper, you will have the task of helping your client build, create and design their own unique image.

If you want more advice on how to succeed in the fashion industry, follow fashion stylist, Jessica A. Alberto at She offers so many crucial tips to her followers about the industry, so it’s essential to have her on your newsfeed!

How About a Personal Stylist?

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A personal stylist or celebrity stylist is another line of work that you may see yourself in. In this job, you could be dressing someone who is looking for a new style or you could be styling someone who is in the public eye.

Your clients could range from musicians to politicians so it’s your job to be familiar with all fashion trends and genres of clothing.

Whether it’s for a music concert or a political campaign, your responsibility will be to make your client’s look speak for them.

Lauren Messiah has been working as a personal stylist for years and gives the best tips on her YouTube channel on how to build your career in this competitive industry.

Bring Your Own Style To The Fashion World

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You can create your own visions and bring them to the world. Start bringing your artistic style to life by trusting your own unique trends and personal image.

Dress like you are your own genre of clothing and own a style that speaks to the world. Work on creating a signature look that will sell yourself as a stylist.

Just think of Anna Wintour’s signature hairstyle and iconic sunglasses!

The holy grail for inspiring your career are books by reputable stylists from around the world. Breakaway from your own traditions and explore fashion from all walks of life. 

Check out these five must-read books for the aspiring fashionista:

If those aren’t enough to keep your craving going, check out more books that every personal stylist should own here.

Spend time searching through random fashion hashtags on social media in order to get more inspiration for outfits. Not all fashion icons are in the trendy magazines.

Get into the habit of writing down every eye-catching outfit you encounter and create a notes folder in your phone of “Outfit Inspirations”. Watch yourself get inspired! 

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Here’s some inspiration for you The Parisian: Lifestyle of French Women and how to Accessorize: Shine like a Star!

Cosset Moi wishes you the best of luck in pursuing your dream to become a fashion stylist!

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