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Scarves: What’s Hot this Spring

by Alexandra

Scarves have been a trend that is slowly becoming a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. These accessories can make a look more professional or more casual, depending on what the case may be. They are also evolving as readily as the women who wear them. If you are considering adding a few to your spring wardrobe but are unsure of what the trends are telling you, the following are a few of the looks for scarves that have been gracing fashion blogs, catwalks, and impacting street style in preparation for the soon-to-be warmer months.

The Skinny Scarf

One of the ways that scarves are staying seasonal this spring is through their width. Across the runways, the skinny scarf was making a statement and an amazing one at that. This spring trend focuses on incorporating neckwear for women in a way that does not overcomplicate or create bulk. Instead, it streamlines the body and can actually work to elongate the physique. A thin scarf around the neck works with both professional wear and casual spring dresses. Incorporating a skinny scarf and matching nail polish can take a standard look to the next level.

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Matching The Look

Another way that scarves had an impact on the runways this spring was through matching. Scarves of the past embraced a contrasting look, standing out against the shade of the shirt or the dress. Street style specifically this spring highlighted how a scarf with a matching design to the outfit as a whole could create a more professional but still casual look. Whether a long polka dot maxi dress with a matching scarf print or a simple black skinny scarf for the office, this matching look is sure to turn heads and get women noticed.

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Longer Is Better

In the past, trends have seen many short scarves grace the wardrobes of women. While these scarves are certainly retaining a solid space on the runways, so, too, are long scarves. Long scarves can help to stretch the body and give women a slenderer look by essentially elongating the body. Adding to the beauty of this look is the fact that it is no longer just for winter. On the contrary, spring scarves in seasonally-appropriate materials can be wonderfully incorporated into an outfit that is either casual or more sophisticated. This trend is great for warmer temperatures and goes great with wind-tossed hair.

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Short Tied

If you are developing your look for the spring, do not throw out all of the old and unique folding patterns for scarves that you used in the winter. Instead, incorporate them into your spring look, with an eye on the type of knotting technique you are using. While long scarves are on trend and utilize a simple neck wrap, individuals that want to do something eye-catching can tie their scarves in a simple knot making it shorter and just to the lapel. This wardrobe addition gives an almost nautical approach and focuses on a simple technique to make a great statement.

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Featured image courtesy of  alexastyle.tumblr.com

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