The Parisian Woman: Le French Chic Lifestyle Guide

by Milana

Parisian Woman:  Fashion 101

The Parisian Capsule wardrobe

No Logos Allowed 

While there’s plenty of diversity when it comes to Parisian fashion brands, the one unstylish thing is huge logos. Large logos are tacky and definitely not a representation of a chic Parisian fashion style. No matter what brand you like to wear, make sure the logo is in a discreet place, not front and center in capslock.

Fabric Matters

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Whether they are vintage and well-known or underground and less mainstream, the French are known for their fashion brands. Chanel, Dior, or Balmain, but what else is out there? Here are a couple of brands that should be on your radar.

Skin is a Parisian women’s most prized possession. When it comes to Parisian skincare, the spotlight is on embracing your natural self. By taking care of your skin on a daily basis, you’re going to learn to love your natural beauty and be happy with it.

It’s All About That Base

It’s not about adding onto the base, it’s about nourishing the base in the best way possible. The French focus on maintaining beautiful skin, hair, and body at all times. That way, they only have to be in maintenance mode.

Don’t touch your face

Never touch your face. Not only is it a cause of acne breakouts, but it’s also simply undesirable. You will never catch a Parisian touching their face because they are aware of how quickly the hands get dirty and how this affects the skin on the face. Filthy hands translate into dirty skin, and with your face being the focal point of your entire look and style, you don’t want to risk a breakout.

Age Gracefully

While Parisians won’t stress about aging as the rest of the world, they still embrace anti-aging skincare… just not as obsessively as the rest of us. Their confidence and style are what come from within, and no amount of wrinkles can lessen the impact of their inborn allure. In an attempt to replicate the Parisian state of mind, we invite you to age gracefully and make sure you are taking care of yourself. That’s the Parisian way.

Beauty All Day, Every Day

Finally, this is something you need to learn and practice every day. The goal is to look and feel beautiful on a daily basis, as well as to nurture that feeling. Focus on the simple things and routines in your life. Whether it’s using your favorite moisturizer, night cream, or serum or waking up early to do a mask. Make sure to take the time to invest in your beauty. Make your beauty and skincare a priority and add it into your daily life and truly live in that moment. Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

French Skincare Brands to Know

Because skincare is so important, Parisians have plenty of options when it comes to skincare. From vegan to cruelty-free, gluten-free, and high-end, you can mix and match your skincare products according to your wildest desires. Let’s go through some mention-worthy skincare products.

biotherm life plankton 35768 - The Parisian Woman: Le French Chic Lifestyle GuideAnother recognizable brand available around the globe is Vichy. It’s a brand that takes pride in being able to cater both to women and men and its wide range of products that can tackle. just about any skin issue, with the right diagnosis.

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Parisian Makeup Routine

While good skin care is of utmost importance, Parisian makeup bags aren’t collecting dust on shelves either. The City of Light is no stranger to legendary makeup brands. A peek into a Parisian makeup vanity will reveal just how Parisians’ makeup habits differ from the habits of the rest of the world.

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