The Parisian Woman: Le French Chic Lifestyle Guide

by Milana

Parisian Woman: French Chic Lifestyle Guide

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The City of Light is known as the fashion capital, the home of couture and in general, all things chic. Therefore we need to ask… Have you always relished the idea of living in Paris? If the answer is “yes” then, you’ll want to dive deeper into all aspects of the iconic Parisian lifestyle.  We will teach you how to get an effortless but chic look. If you’re captivated by their fashion sense, their chic manners, and effortless sophistication, we invite you to keep on reading. Find out more about how to dress, eat and carry yourself in a true Parisian lifestyle matter. 

Parisian Woman:  Fashion 101

The Parisian lifestyle starts with an effortless style. However, knowing tidbits about Parisian fashion designers and Parisian fashion houses isn’t enough. It’s about adapting a Parisian mindset to act and dress like a Parisian woman. If you don’t live in the city of couture, unique style, and legendary fashion creators, it doesn’t mean you can’t live a Parisian lifestyle. Let’s start by learning the ways of doing fashion ala Parisian.

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The Parisian Capsule wardrobe

The more the merrier may be true for a company, but when it comes to a Parisian clothing etiquette, you’re better off with the saying less is more. Simplify your wardrobe. Style isn’t defined by the most recent items occupying up space in your wardrobe and the number of those pieces. Simplicity is key.

But, don’t follow trends blindly even if they come from Paris. Focus on filling up your wardrobe with high-quality pieces that are beautiful, long-lasting, and fit you perfectly. They don’t have to be couture pieces, but they have to suit your figure and be made from the best material possible.

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No Logos Allowed 

While there’s plenty of diversity when it comes to Parisian fashion brands, the one unstylish thing is huge logos. Large logos are tacky and definitely not a representation of a chic Parisian fashion style. No matter what brand you like to wear, make sure the logo is in a discreet place, not front and center in capslock.

Fabric Matters

You will recognize an outfit from a mile away if it has that Parisian touch. We’re talking about the flow of high-quality, natural fabrics, which makes any outfit stand out even more. Parisians prefer clothing items made from natural fabrics like linen and cotton. They will dabble in trying out trends and wearing synthetics, but they won’t compromise quality.

Scarves are a staple Parisian piece

A scarf is something every Parisian will have in their wardrobe. Invest in one, a signature scarf if you don’t have a massive budget. There are dozens of diverse ways to wear a scarf and if you want to be like a true Parisian fashionista, you’ll learn all of them.

FONYVE Silk Feeling Scarf


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Flâneur is Crucial

While this isn’t necessarily a fashion item or a rule for that matter, it is a huge part of their style. In the words of the literary genius Victor Hugo ‘’To err is human. To loaf is Parisian.’’ While strolling or sauntering down the street may not be something you do or practice, if you want to be in the Parisian state of mind, learn to flâneur. The goal is to soak in the beauty around you, loaf around the city, relax and enjoy. And at the same time, you get to walk and strut your latest outfit.

French Fashion Brands to Know

Whether they are vintage and well-known or underground and less mainstream, the French are known for their fashion brands. Chanel, Dior, or Balmain, but what else is out there? Here are a couple of brands that should be on your radar.


The brand created by the French fashion icon Jeanne Damas, known for flowy sundresses, and high-waisted jeans. Another brand that can be seen on your Instagram feeds and recognized by flowy, boho vibes is Isabel Marant.


Eyewear is still influential and still owning the Parisian streets. A pair of Celine sunglasses will make for a statement piece that will last you for years to come.

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Brands that have recently garnered a lot of attention for their innovative concepts in the street style aspect of fashion are Kenzo, Balenciaga, Clergerie, and others. These brands have gained popularity for both fashionable and practical clothing.
Givenchy is one of those names we all know and love. The brand is now in the hands of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress designer, Clare Waight, which means we can expect stylish pieces worthy of royalty. And finally, another brand that keeps reinventing itself is Chloé. If you haven’t heard of their C Bag, you need to look it up. It’s causing quite a stir in the street-style crowds, and it’s a staple you shouldn’t miss out on.

While there are hundreds upon hundreds of brands in Paris, the bottom line is, Parisians have it all.

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Parisian skincare

Skin is a Parisian women’s most prized possession. When it comes to Parisian skincare, the spotlight is on embracing your natural self. By taking care of your skin on a daily basis, you’re going to learn to love your natural beauty and be happy with it.

It’s All About That Base

It’s not about adding onto the base, it’s about nourishing the base in the best way possible. The French focus on maintaining beautiful skin, hair, and body at all times. That way, they only have to be in maintenance mode.

Don’t touch your face

Never touch your face. Not only is it a cause of acne breakouts, but it’s also simply undesirable. You will never catch a Parisian touching their face because they are aware of how quickly the hands get dirty and how this affects the skin on the face. Filthy hands translate into dirty skin, and with your face being the focal point of your entire look and style, you don’t want to risk a breakout.

Age Gracefully

While Parisians won’t stress about aging as the rest of the world, they still embrace anti-aging skincare… just not as obsessively as the rest of us. Their confidence and style are what comes from within, and no amount of wrinkles can lessen the impact of their inborn allure. In the attempt to replicate the Parisian state of mind, we invite you to age gracefully and make sure you are taking care of yourself. That’s the Parisian way.

Beauty All Day, Every Day

Finally, this is something you need to learn and practice every day. The goal is to look and feel beautiful on a daily basis, as well as to nurture that feeling. Focus on the simple things and routine in your life. Whether it’s using your favorite moisturizer, night cream, or serum or waking up early to do a mask. Make sure to take that time to invest in your beauty. Make your beauty and skincare a priority and add it into your daily life and truly live in that moment. Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

French Skincare Brands to Know

Because skincare is so important, Parisians have plenty of options when it comes to skincare. From vegan to cruelty-free, gluten-free, and high-end, you can mix and match your skincare products according to your wildest desires. Let’s go through some mention-worthy skincare products.

One of the best Parisian skincare brands is Biotherm. Available around the world, this luxurious, natural skincare brand is known for its solar creams and body milk. Their start products feature ingredients like the thermal plankton, which is what made these products so effective and consequently famous.

biotherm life plankton 35768 - The Parisian Woman: Le French Chic Lifestyle GuideAnother recognizable brand available around the globe is Vichy. It’s a brand that takes pride in being able to cater both to women and men and their wide range of products that can tackle. just about any skin issue, with the right diagnosis.

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If you’re looking for a more natural brand, Nuxe is recognized for relying on plants to formulate nourishing, luxurious cosmetics that are both effective and smell fantastic.

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If you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably already heard of Avène. This brand relies on their thermal spring, tested daily, to create powerful products that tackle the most unpleasant skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

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Parisian Makeup Routine

While good skin care is of utmost importance, Parisian makeup bags aren’t collecting dust on shelves either. The City of Light is no stranger to legendary makeup brands. A peek into a Parisian makeup vanity will reveal just how Parisians’ makeup habits differ from the habits of the rest of the world.

By embracing the Parisian makeup routine, you’re essentially going for an imperfect, effortless look and confidently embracing all your imperfections. We’re talking about the chic and sophisticated beauty that comes from nourishing what you have and avoiding disguising your beauty behind layers of makeup. According to an article in Vogue, and the Parisian-based makeup artist Violette, the Parisian makeup routine enables you to be yourself, not necessarily an upgraded version of yourself.

INSTAGRAM: @violette_fr

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The French Look

Less makeup

Les femmes Françaises aren’t going for layers. In terms of makeup, less is more. The less you layer on, the better because it’s all about looking fresh and natural. If they’re using foundation and concealer, they are doing it in a way where it’s going to be applied and invisible on the skin. Nobody should see how much makeup you have on. The key here is to look flawless yet natural.

One highlight at the time

Similar to their fashion rules, you choose one feature on your face to highlight at a time. Whether it’s your eyes, cheeks, or lips, choose one and have that be your key accessory. The star of the show. A true Parisian will never wear a bold red lip and a bold pearlescent eyeshadow at the same time.

Statement Lips

When we think of a Parisian woman, we’ll close our eyes and see an elegant, confident lady with a bold lip. This is the identity of a Parisian – her lipstick. And they do it differently. If you love a bold lip, whether it’s red, pink, or burgundy, make sure that that is the highlight of your look. The Parisian women’s makeup trend demands that you rock the bold lip on its own, letting it be the focus of your entire look.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

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No Contour Necessary

You won’t see a Parisian rocking a heavy bronzer or having a contour that cuts sharp like a knife. Instead, she will bring light to her face. It’s not about contouring and changing the shape of your face that makes you who you are. They embrace a highlighter instead, and solely to accentuate the cheekbones and cupids bow, where the light would naturally hit. The ultimate goal is to have a light and bright face that radiates freshness and a healthy glow.

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French Makeup Brands to Know

It’s no news that France is a treasury of the world’s established makeup brands. From the classic, well-known brands to the newcomers, French makeup has a variety to choose from. Here are some brands to look out for, and if you spot them on shelves, you won’t regret adding them to your basket.

Parisian most recent makeup obsession is 1944 Paris – lipstick perfect for both cheeks and lips because the French love to be practical. The bad news is, it’s not that easy to find outside of France. But if you happen to stumble upon it, don’t miss out on making that purchases.


One brand that has found its way to everyone’s makeup bag and for a good reason. They offer a variety of products, and it’s hard to mention a staple because they are all equally popular and a matter of personal preference.

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This one is pure gold and known for offering truly Parisian chic makeup products known worldwide.

51CzvdVZJL. AC SL1000  - The Parisian Woman: Le French Chic Lifestyle Guide











Yves Saint Laurent

Without a doubt an iconic name in fashion and makeup, so we don’t want to miss out on mentioning their makeup range. Along the same lines, some of the most famous, renowned brands include Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, La Roche-Posey, By Terry, Caudalie, and many more.

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The Parisian Diet

For Parisians, food is more than just a necessity, it’s connected to love and joy. They don’t treat food as a means of survival. Food is all about love, as it’s connected to delicious fresh ingredients, appetizing wine, long conversations, and wonderful and stimulating experiences. Their relationship with food is healthy, as they don’t shy away from it, they embrace it and make each meal a true experience. If the quote by the French author Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin is true, ‘’Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are’’, we’re certain that by following the ways of the French, you’ll be just as elegant and sophisticated as they are. Keep on reading for the French dietary wisdom.

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Seasonal Eating

You’ll never see a Parisian eat watermelon during the winter. Eating by the season means you’re going to eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season. Also, your meals will be planned according to what’s currently on the farmer’s market. Not only is this better for your diet overall, but you’re also going to escape the meal monotony. This typically happens when we use the same ingredients throughout the year, in a repetitive manner.

Don’t shy away from fresh, organic products grown by the locals. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market are used to create wholesome, satiating meals at home. According to an article on Empowered Sustenance, the French prefer quality over quantity. This means their portion control game is on point, and the quality of their meals is amazing.

Traditional Cooking

Parisian women always have that one signature dish, that they have mastered and aren’t afraid to serve to anyone. It’s delicious, guest-friendly and it’s probably a recipe that has been passed on to her from her family. Cooking traditional recipes is a part of the culture, as well as learning to master tantalizingly delicious meals made from high-quality ingredients.

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Designated Shopping Stops

The French won’t get their food in one place like a shopping mall. Therefore it’s more customary to visit the butcher’s shop to get fresh meat, the farmer’s market to get fresh produce and the fromagerie to get fresh cheese. This way they will get high-quality ingredients which leads to meals that they truly enjoy in.

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Quality over Quantity

You won’t find supersized portions in French restaurants or on their dinner tables. It’s not about the size of the meal, but about the ingredients that go into that meal. Next time you want to prepare lunch, focus on getting healthy ingredients and the preparation itself. Sit down, cross your legs, take a sip of wine and take it slow.

Mindful Eating + Wine With Everything = Just like a Parisian

The French are present in the moment during their meals. What this means is, every time you consume food, you have to focus on it and take your time. It’s all about enjoying what you’re eating and taking the time to enjoy each bite. Eat slowly, commit to the act of eating, and simply enjoy it. This will enable you to digest better, feel great, and feel less stressed.

It’s a tradition to drink wine with almost every dish, so it’s crucial to get acquainted with all the numerous kinds of wine that exist. The French know their wine, the regions it comes from, and which one is the best on which occasion.

You can read more about the wine culture in France in the French Wine: A History book.

What is your favorite Parisian lifestyle habit?

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