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Gold Makeup: Beauty In Carats

by Milana

Gold has traditionally been a sacred color associated with deities. And it also represents the bright rays of light that illuminate our world. Well, why not then celebrate its meaning through our makeup.

Allow us to introduce you to a new generation of gold makeup products. These glorious creations will cover you in 24-carat gold and create the PERFECT GLOW and mesmerizing radiance.

So, legend has it that ever since celebrated make-up artist Pat McGrath used a golden pigment at the Spring 2016 Prada Runway Show, the creative usage and jewel effect of gold exploded in the makeup world.

McGrath then went on to launch the same pigment she used, as the initial product in her new line of products called Gold 001. Although the packaging of GOLD 001 pigment advises: “USE WITHOUT CAUTION – requires unrestrained play and a reckless attitude”, we would advise that a glamorous look can be achieved with very small quantities and really….. excessive use of gold for an everyday look is ‘Oh so passé’

Since Pat McGrath’s gold pigment was a limited collection with only 1000 copies, we made a list here with our favorite golden makeup products that will make you GLOW.

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A glamorous look can be achieved with very small quantities and really….. excessive use of gold for an everyday look is ‘Oh so passé’

Below are our tips and recommended products for the subtle effects of this reoccurring trend for everyday use …so there you go CossetMoiGirl, now with just a little bit of gold you can #ShineAllDay 😉

Jobs Mua - Gold Makeup: Beauty In Carats

Favorite Gold Makeup Products


Go ahead and discover your outer goddess! Shimmery products are perfect for the summer season. Gorgeous fine powders and cream formulas illuminate the area applied to. This way you can contour by highlighting the area you want the light to hit first. There are many products on the market which you can use on both your face and your body. You can control the effect with the amount of product you use. The loose powder you can even mix with your body cream and give a subtle shimmer to your whole body. This works especially great if you have a tan.

Application: For blending into cheekbones, opt for a smaller blush brush for a flawless look. Use a big powder brush to apply on your body and décolletage. Less is more when it comes to highlighting your face with golden highlighters.

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This royal color will make your eyes pop! For an evening look opt for opaque gold on the eyes. Cream eyeshadow with its almost transparent texture glides on smoothly and evenly. For a more dramatic look, you can pair the gold eyeshadow with the black and give a twist to your standard smokey eyes. You can apply it with your fingers giving you better control of where your color ends up. If you don’t want to go all out and you desire just a sheer wash of gold on your eyelids use the powder eye shadow and apply it with a fluffy blending brush.

Extra tip: Lastly, don’t forget to put on mascara and eyeliner to avoid a washed-out look and give more dimension for the look.


Lip gloss is an excellent way to incorporate gold shimmer in your makeup look that’s not heavy. For an evening look apply it over a deep red lip. Their formulas are often pretty transparent and its lack of opacity makes it perfect to wear it any time you want actually.

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NARS Larger Than Life lip gloss in shade Gold Digger


For this season, we recommend darker and warmer tones with a golden iridescence. This luxurious coat is our top choice, apply it on any color and see your nails shimmer like stars. For the more subtle approach to gold on nails – applying a small amount of gold foil makes a cool and trendy statement.

Tip: Use a base coat to avoid peeling. It also makes it easier to remove later.

Now, go and find your golden products, choose a way to incorporate this trend into your style, and have fun! 

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