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Blush Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

by Pearl

Blush is one of the most underrated makeup products, and that is really a rookie mistake. Just a swipe of blush can make you look more healthy, fresh, and add a perfect final touch to your look. However, this makeup product is often used wrong or not at all. Whether you don’t know how to apply blush, or you feel like you don’t know which is the right shade for your skin tone, these blush makeup tips and tricks can help you overcome that. Blush is a surprisingly versatile makeup product every woman should have for a quick touch-up.

Blush Makeup Trick and Tips

Prep your skin before applying a blush

This goes without saying – your skin needs to be clean and toned before applying any makeup. If you don’t prep your skin, you will not have a clean canvas to work on. Therefore, your blush application will look dirty and smudgy and you won’t be able to blend it well.

To make your blush stay put the whole day, use a makeup primer and a foundation so the blush can have something to stick to. If you have oily skin, avoid putting a moisturizer in your skincare routine before putting your makeup.

Choose the right shade of blush for your skin tone

This is maybe the hardest part, but once you find the right shade that compliments your complexion, after some time this will be a no brainer for you. You will want to imitate the natural blush in your cheeks. If you don’t use blush, you need to time to train your eye for its particular shades. So the best advice would be to consult with a makeup artist at a local makeup retailer and try out different shades until you find that special one. In general, for pale and fair skin, pale pink and lilac formulas work the best. For golden and olive skin tones, punchier pinks work amazing, while for darker skin tones, brighter, warm hues will give you a perfect glow.

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Find the right blush texture for your skin type

If you have oily skin or uneven skin, maybe from acne scars or something else, you may find easier to apply liquid blush. They can range from highly pigmented stains to sheer formulas.  They look dewy and natural and won’t be smudged throughout the day. They are also a great choice of blush for hot summer days.  We are currently in love with Benetint from Benefit.

If you have normal skin – You are in luck because probably you can get away with any blush texture. In that case, we recommend you try a cream blush that has a great staying power and creates a dewy, youthful glow.

If you have dry skin – Stay with powder formulas. Despite popular belief that you should use liquid and cream blushes, they tend to crack on dry skin that can only exaggerate your dry skin. When you have dry skin, good skin prep and a sheer wash of blush will prevent you from looking overdone.

Makeup Artist Blush Hack: Use your fingers before brushes

Did you know that the shape and size of the pad of your thumb are the same as the size and shape of the top of the cheekbones on the face? Therefore, feel free to press the thumb in blush and apply it to the top of your cheekbones and later blend with the brush. This way you will not apply too much, while you can easily overdo it with big brushes.  Makeup artist Alex Box said that is one of the most important tricks they use at the Marc Jacobs fashion shows.

Even model Natalia Vodianova reported using this blush makeup trick. When doing her own everyday makeup she uses her fingers to apply a little bit on the cheeks without blending achieving after-gym natural blush look.

Jobs Mua - Blush Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

Breaking the rules for a more casual look

If you do not want to use the blush because you feel wearing blush is overdoing your look, we have a solution for that, too.  Although blush is applied on the cheeks, and it is not used for contouring, perhaps doing so will create a more natural look for you. In that case, do not put your blush on the cheeks but below the cheekbone, just like you would do your contouring.  You will get dimension and depth and some color in your face but it will be subtle and not so obvious.

Beccaria bbt S14 005 e1514059015716 - Blush Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

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Makeup Artist Blush Hack: The blush on eyelids

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux shared a trick from backstage. He says that sometimes models come tired after an intense shooting schedule looking pale and short of sleep.  He then takes a little blush and puts a dot in the middle of the eyelid, near the eyelashes and so hides tiny veins that are visible and lighten the dark eyelids.

Have you tried that trick? We sure did -and it works like a charm every time. Blush texture is also much lighter than eyeshadow texture so it makes it easy to apply just with your fingers. We said that blush is your perfect on the go makeup touch-up, right?

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