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5 Marvelous Braids to Try Right Now

by Pearl

We have a slight obsession with romantic hairstyles and this season we can’t stop thinking about braids. If you thought that your beautiful hair braids are only suitable for summer, then you were so wrong. This practical yet very attractive solution is the best way to wear your hair this autumn, and we are going to prove that to you.

It can easily save us in the morning when we are just about to put on our bad hair cap. When we skipped a day of washing our hair, it is especially a good idea to choose a tight double french braid, since it’s a lot easier to make with not freshly washed hair. And the mixture of loose waves and plaits can also be helpful when it comes to our disobedient hair. Just imagine what an amazing impression a little disheveled loose braid, plus a large, warm, and soft scarf will give.

We collected our 5 favorite braid styles that are more than suitable for fall. You will only need a bit of dexterity to make them, but there is no need to panic if you do not succeed the first time. Lots of videos can be found on the internet that presented the process step by step. If you still do not feel like doing it yourself, then you can easily ask a friend to help you create the envisioned hairstyle.


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This is typically the hairstyle that will not change our facial image because we are going to look and feel the same as when our hair is in a simple tail, but we will bring a little extra into our usual appearance. Regardless of our fishtail resting on our back or casually leans over our shoulder, it will surely gain everyone’s love.

Waterfall braid

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We can easily freshen up both our curly or strictly straightened hair with a little wave. It is the perfect choice for a first date, as there can hardly be anything lovelier or more romantic than this hairstyle. Its wavy version can be a particularly good choice for the autumn weather, since if a sudden rain makes it a little disheveled, it does not worsen, but rather improve it.

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Double french braid

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In the last few years, the Kardashian and Jenner girls made this hairstyle the trendiest thing ever, and we are so grateful for that. There is no doubt that this is the most secure hairstyle we could choose, because come rain, wind or winter storm, it will most definitely have no impact on our tight braid. Not to mention how beautifully wavy our locks will become once we unwrap it.

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Braid and bun

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The combination of a bun and braid is just as perfect of a choice for every occasion. No matter whether it’s loose or tight, parquet or plain, surely we can not go wrong with this hairstyle.

Jobs Hair - 5 Marvelous Braids to Try Right Now
Side pony braid

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It can be very simple, yet spectacular and girlishly charming when a ponytail combined with braid collapses on one of our shoulders. This is the most obvious solution if we want to take a little twist into our appearance on a busy morning. It is very easy and quick to create this one. It can look almost any way you want, so this is the ultimate braid for the girls who are always late. Just like us.

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