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5 Eyebrow Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

by Pearl

Lush eyebrows have never been more on-trend, but achieving them is hard. To help you on your way we’ve listed five of the most common brow faux pas (that we’re all guilty of!) and how to avoid them.

1. Forgetting the prep-work

Bushy brows, forefronted by celebrities like Cara Delevingne, have been popular for quite some time now. But thick brows don’t equate to poor grooming. Make sure you brush your brows upwards and outwards to get the right shape. Then tweeze any stray hairs that don’t follow the same shape. The good base shape is key for perfect brows!

2. Going too dark

We love a dramatic brow, but going unnaturally just isn’t right! So to avoid going way too dark we recommend that you start slowly and build up to a tone that looks similar to your natural color. If you’re having a hard time finding a product that suits you, you might want to try an eyebrow kit that allows you to mix different shades.

Jobs Mua - 5 Eyebrow Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

3. Not filling in the whole brow 

Another common mistake that people make, is to focus on the center of the brow. So instead of mimicking the hairs using small strokes, they create one single line going down the middle of the brow. If you’re doing this, please stop! It’s sure to tell that you’ve enhanced your brows, and the end goal is to look natural. So keep them guessing. Use a small angled brush like MAC 208 to get the best results.

mac sku M45J01 640x600 0 1 - 5 Eyebrow Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

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4. Not knowing when to stop

This is a tricky one! Not because it’s very hard to fix, but because it’s so subtle it’s easy to get wrong. But fear not, once you know this easy technique you’ll have it covered! To avoid extending your eyebrow tails (the end of your brows) too far, you simply hold a pencil next to your nostril and then align it with the outer corner of your eye. This is the sweet spot where your tail should end. Easy!

5. Un-natural shape

If there’s one thing we’ve tried to promote in this how-to guide, it’s to keep your brows as natural as possible. And a trend that we’re seeing right now is supernatural brows with high arches and square fronts. Sure they look cool. But they also look fake. So try to resist the urge of creating a painted-on shape, emphasize you’re natural beauty instead.

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