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20 dreamy engagement rings

20 dreamy engagement rings

by Pragya

Imagine this: you’re on your knees, about to propose the love of your life. Everything seems to be going perfect until you take out the engagement ring, only to find out she doesn’t like it. Pretty much ruins the moment, doesn’t it?

Getting engaged has to be one of the most special moments in one’s life. It depicts the unification of two souls and portrays the commencement of a new journey, filled with eternal love and commitment. And it’s the engagement ring that epitomizes the existence of this undying love and unceasing togetherness.

Therefore, it’s a good thing to do your research before you actually go out and buy one, keeping in mind your girl’s preference. Hence, to make your life easier, we have narrowed down your options and have brought you the best engagement rings that’ll make your special moment even more remarkable.

Simple yet elegant

Round Diamond Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring, $1,088

Screenshot 26 1024x633 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Nothing quite beats the charm of a diamond. Crafted in 14k white gold, this beautiful engagement ring embeds a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire. If you’re looking for something simplistic yet refined, this is the ideal ring for you.


  • Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Emphasizes the April Birthstone
  • Sophisticated Tapered Shank
  • Outstanding cathedral setting

Semi Bezel-Set Solitaire Round Blue Sapphire Bypass Ring$1,259

Screenshot 27 1024x666 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Radiating simple sophistication, this solitaire ring highlights a deep blue Sapphire. This shiny ring with a graceful bypass end can be a way straight to her heart!


  • Semi Bezel-Set Sapphire Ring
  • Highlights the September Birthstone
  • Graceful Bypass Shank


Classic Oval Amethyst Halo Ring with Diamond Accents, $818

Screenshot 29 1024x684 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

What’s more magical than a classic oval ring? This beautiful oval Amethyst ring possesses a deep purple stone surrounded by a halo of round diamonds, a perfect ring for a perfect occasion!


  • Embellished With Prong-Set Oval Amethyst
  • Eye-Catching Diamond Studded Shank
  • Available from 0.36 carats to 2.14 carats

Aesthetic White Gold

New Mia in White Gold, $826

0305ww1 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

If your partner prefers a somewhat bigger stone that’ll be the primary focus of her hand, you can definitely go for this stylish ring. The solitaire ring is surrounded by a wrap of diamond accents that gives it added beauty.


  • White or Rose gold polished band
  • Round cut center Diamond of 0.3 CT.
  • Diamonds cut to perfection
  • Smaller diamonds line the outer edge of the band

 Princess Bride in White Gold 0.30ct, $906

0016ww1 35 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Perhaps if your partner is not much into rings with a round-cut, you can consider rings with a chic style Princess cut. Fulfill your princess’ fairytale fantasy with the Princess Bride ring and make her dreams come true!


  • Clean princess-cut diamond center
  • Smaller round diamonds lining the band
  • Diamonds cut to perfection
  • White, Yellow or Rose gold band

 Cushion Duo in White Gold 0.75ct (1.10cttw), $1,601

0311ww1 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Surprise your love with this stunning ring and pave your way straight into her heart! The cushion duo ring with perfectly cut diamonds embraces a double band that makes it perfect for your special day!


  • Cushion cut center Diamond of 0.75 CT
  • Duo bands with diamonds
  • Diamonds cut to perfection

Kate in White Gold 0.30ct, $1,148

0138ww1 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Encompassing an elegant floral style, the Kate in White Gold will fit beautifully in your fiance’s hand. The center round diamond is surrounded by small other diamonds, giving it a stunning flower appearance.


  • Beautiful Round-cut diamond center
  • 0.30ct Center stone 
  • 0.80ct total carat

How about a beautiful pearl ring?

 Double Japanese Akoya Pearl Ring with Diamond Accents, $827

Screenshot 30 1024x723 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Pearl rings are amongst the most subtle options for an engagement ring. The Akoya Pearl Ring showcases two pearls exquisitely placed together, indicating the association of two souls- a perfect ring for your engagement!


  • Approximately 3.20 carats
  • Prong-set diamond accents
  • 14K rose gold ring.

Golden South Sea Pearl and Leaf Ring with Diamonds, $881

Screenshot 31 1024x659 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Featuring a stunning nature-inspired pearl in a split shank with leaf motifs, the Golden South Sea Pearl Ring is a surpassing choice for your naturing loving partner. In fact, you don’t have to be up in the air for this one!


  • Golden South Sea cultured pearl ring
  • 14k white gold
  • Prong-set round diamonds

Freshwater Pearl Ring with Diamond Accents, $476

Screenshot 32 1024x518 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

If you’re in a quest for something minimalistic yet elegant, you can plump for the Freshwater Pearl Ring. A big round pearl center with two prong-set diamonds gives it a lively look and feel.


  • Round Freshwater cultured pearl
  • 14k white gold
  • Two prong-set diamond accents

South Sea Pearl Ring with Pavé-Set Diamonds, $683

Screenshot 33 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

With an approximate weight of 7.20 carat, the South Sea Pearl Ring exhibits a remarkable pearl within a diamond-encrusted collar. Additionally, the pavé set diamonds around the pearl makes it an excellent choice for your engagement ring.


  • Highlights South Sea cultured pearl 
  • Pavé-set diamonds in the collar lend 
  • 14k white gold
  • Stylish triple shank.

Ring with a Vintage Touch

Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring, $586.50

Screenshot 34 1024x593 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Does your fiance have a unique inclination towards vintage stuff? Then she will unquestionably love the Heirloom Petite Milgrain ring that emphasizes two pavé-set round diamonds with an artistic touch!


  • Vintage look
  • 14k white gold
  • Possesses 2 pavé-set round diamonds 
  • Approximately 0.06 Ct

Pear-Shaped Diamond Detail Engagement Ring$467.50

Screenshot 35 1024x620 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Weighing approximately 0.08 carat, the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring highlights dainty pear-shaped details. The ring holds three delicate diamonds on each side of the center stone and possesses an unprecedented appearance.


  • Approximately 0.08 Ct
  •  14k rose gold design
  • Delicate pear-shaped traits

Petite Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, $990

Screenshot 36 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

 Wrapped in a striking 14k yellow gold, this ring possesses a center stone with a delicate floral surrounding it. A floral style Halo Diamond ring with a vintage finish- it’s one of the most enthralling combinations that exist!


  • 14k yellow gold
  • approximately 0.09 carat
  • six-prong setting 

Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring, $1062.50

Screenshot 37 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

A ring that is crafted with the unification of Diamond and Sapphire can never go wrong! Your partner will definitely go head over heels with this engagement ring that features diamonds and blue sapphires set in a marquise and dot pattern.


  • approximately 0.10 Ct
  • 4k white gold
  • Diamonds and blue sapphires set in a marquise and dot pattern 

Or go for something Fancy

 Arctic Blue Sapphire Solitaire and Diamond Accent, $1,000

61AKI5zMDHS. AC UY675  - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Here’s the thing- you’re partner might not like the idea of a “vintage ring“. However, she’ll definitely love the concept of a fancy ring! This stylish ring has a graceful design with Blue Sapphire and Diamond Accents over a Solid White Gold Shank.


  • Total 0.27 Gemstone carat
  • Available in White, Yellow, and Rose Gold
  • Fancy Design

White Sapphire & Natural White Diamonds Entangled Infinity Fancy Wave$389.90

71GnKlecFCS. AC UY675  - 20 dreamy engagement rings

If you yearn to propose to your fiance with a unique and remarkable ring, this is the way to go. The stunning white Sapphire along with the sparkly White Diamonds can make anyone go WOW! 


  • Approximately 0.36 carats
  • 14k Rose Gold
  • Infinity Fancy Waves with White Diamonds
  • Stunning white Sapphire in the Center

Kobelli Diamond Engagement Ring, $889

81OCky7RJvL. AC UY675  - 20 dreamy engagement rings

What if your partner prefers to have an engagement ring crafted purely with diamonds? Well, Kobelli’s Diamond Engagement Ring can be the one to make her feel ecstatic! This diamond halo ring consists of over 80 natural earth mined diamonds with a one-fifth carat diamond right in the center.


  • Made with Solid 14k White Gold
  • Double Split Shank Multi-Row Band
  • Has over 80 natural earth mined diamonds
  • Made with 14-karat white gold 

Round Amethyst Halo Ring with Diamond Accents$926

Screenshot 28 1 1024x683 - 20 dreamy engagement rings

If you’re searching for a ring that looks simple yet screams luxury, this is the one for you. This sparkling diamond halo surrounds the intense purple amethyst. Additionally, the shoulders embellish glistening diamonds for an added shine.


  • Highlights February Birthstone 
  • Sparkling Diamond Halo 
  • Purple amethyst in a prong setting 

Black Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring, $986.87

61axRXYftQL. AC UX679  - 20 dreamy engagement rings

Take her breath away with this absolutely gorgeous black diamond ring. This Round-Cut Natural Diamond Solitaire Ring is made in solid 14k White gold and is an ideal choice for your engagement.


  • Approximately 0.1692-carat band 
  • Center stone- 0.75 carat
  • 14k White Gold
  • Round-cut natural diamond

So these were some of our recommendations for the best engagement ring you could gift to your love. Remember, this is the special moment she has waited eagerly for her whole life. Make sure you do it right <3

We only recommend products that we genuinely loved. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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